So you've got a new Mac to love. But what about your old faithful machine, the one staring at you like a forgotten Christmas puppy (pets are for life not just for christmas m'kay?)

Well now you don't need to feel guilty about abandoning your old iMac, laptop or any other kind (almost) of Mac. You could even part exchange your old Mac against a refurbished one from me. Which would be like a free new(er) Mac. Almost.

So that you can get a price for your old Mac as quickly as possible I have created a dedicated “sell me your Mac” page. Just enter your details into the page and… BINGO… you get an immediate price. Click Accept and I’ll send you a shipping label. If you are local I can still pop over and collect it.

Just click this handy link to go directly to my new second byte site (now there’s a name!)

If you want you can still use the form below but it’s a manual process so I’ll have to get back to you with a price. It shouldn’t take long though.

Name *