So you've got a new Mac to love. But what about your old faithful machine, the one staring at you like a forgotten Christmas puppy (pets are for life not just for christmas m'kay?)

Well now you don't need to feel guilty about abandoning your old iMac, laptop or any other kind (almost) of mac. Just drop me a line via the handy online form below and I'll get back to you with a price for collecting your old machine.

You could even part exchange your old Mac against a refurbished one from me. Which would be like a free new(er) Mac. Almost.

Name *

Are there any Macs I don't buy?

Sadly I can't give a home to every sort of Mac. Unfortuntley some older machines are just too, well, old. I only buy Mac's that have Intel processors, older G5 and G4 machines are just too limited in terms of the OS that they can run to be worth saving and passing on. So, no G4 iMacs, no PowerMac G4 or 5s, no iBooks etc.


What happens when I sell you my Mac?

If you are local to me (see map page) I am happy to come and collect your Mac, if you live further away we may have to arrange a place and time to meet and transfer ownership. Or you can drop it off.

As long as it's working each Mac will be turned on, checked and tested and then the hard drive will be securly wiped to ensure no data remains or is recoverable. If you want to sell me a Mac with the hard drive removed that's fine, but if it's being sold as working I will need to see this prior to you removing the hard drive. Payment for each mac is made by Bacs transfer the day after collection or delivery to allow time for checking and testing.