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Everyone needs a little Mac help from time to time. You might be a new owner needing help getting started with your new pride and joy, or a long time user tearing your hair out because the damn thing just won't start.

Whatever Mac help you need, you can get it here. Jargon free, helpful and most importantly, in your own home if you need it.

Call Doctor Happy Mac on 07711 434912

Buy Used Macs

Old Mac starting to wheeze? Everything started to go a bit runny?

MacBooks, iMacs, laptops, desktops, if you need a Mac that’s better than your old one but cheaper than a new one then we can (probably help).

Intel iMac 20in 2.2/2.4GHz

£420.00 (£350.00 exc. vat)

15in MacBookPro 2.2/2.4GHz

£480.00 (£400.00 exc. vat)

MacBook (white)

£375.00 (£312.50 exc. vat)

15in MacBook Pro Unibody

£630.00 (£525.00 exc. vat)

iMac 21.5in

£720.00 (£600.00 exc. vat)

MacBook Pro 13in

£600.00 (£500.00 exc. vat)

MacBook Unibody (white)

£480.00 (£400.00 exc. vat)

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